Education is Future –

we shape that future with AcadeMedia Education.

AcadeMedia Education GmbH is part of the Scandinavian education group AcadeMedia AB. We have made it our business to develop new and innovative teaching concepts. Our students at general and vocational schools benefit from our international education network.

The international exchange with Sweden, Norway, England, Poland and the Netherlands also benefits our teachers, as we can work together on our pedagogical concepts and learn from each other.

As AcadeMedia Education, we want to help young people get started in life and qualify them for their professional goals.

Change through Education


(Pre-)School Education

In our daycare facilities and at our general education schools, we enable children and young people to realize their full potential and develop to the fullest. To this end, we develop new pedagogical approaches, think school forward and draw inspiration from our students – we learn with each other, but above all from each other.

Vocational Education

We accompany our young adults on the way to their professional future. Our vocational schools, technical colleges and universities specialize in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the classic apprenticeship and degree program, study-integrated apprenticeships and part-time study models are also offered.

Adult Education

In our adult education facilities, we promote the training and further development of personal competencies and skills. To this end, we offer an extensive range of courses, projects and seminars.

Our Brands

For our vision of forward-looking education, we unite strong brands in German-speaking European countries that live for the education and upbringing of children, young people and adults as much as we do.

"Education represents the basis of all social action. Let's shape school together, for better togetherness in society."

Daniel Frech
CEO of AcadeMedia Education GmbH

Gender Notice:
For better readability, we have chosen a gender-sensitive form of personal names and personal nouns. We would like to point out that this is done for purely editorial reasons and does not imply any valuation. Of course, the data refer to all genders.

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